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IP Attorney – Protection and Defense of IP Rights, Infringement, Licensing, Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Strategy. Founding partner of ALATIS.

Anne is a registered European Trademark and Patent Design Attorney with over 25 years of practice dedicated to the protection and enforcement of trademark rights, global IP strategies, oppositions, litigations and unfair competition.

She started her IP career in Washington, DC. When she moved back to Paris, she joined major IP firms and became Senior Partner. With her experience heading trademark departments, she started her own practice in 2012.
She provides comprehensive protection and portfolio management services, and legal counsel for a broad range of industries including luxury, consumer products, health products, cosmetics, software, aeronautics, hotel management and insurance services with a strong focus on international matters.

Her expertize revolves around trademark protection, trademark infringement, patent-design, copyright registration and enforcement. She is also proactive in domain names issues.


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