John Piret Biography


John J. Piret, D.Sc.

Managing Director – Newbury Piret & Co., Inc.




John Piret is a Partner at Newbury Piret & Company Inc., an investment bank in Boston, where he manages M&A, private equity investment, licensing and joint venture/strategic alliance transactions for public and private companies. Dr. Piret leads Newbury Piret’s international M&A activities, with an emphasis on assisting European companies who seek expansion opportunities in the US market. His specialties include strategic and financial advisory services with an international focus; in-depth acquisition search for the US and abroad; and performing sale, licensing, and valuation advisory of US assets. He is the Principal Appraiser for the firm and is expert at valuing technology companies; he is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). Dr. Piret has extensive experience in the formation and development of technological and engineering companies.


Previously, he was President and founder of Corion Technologies, Inc., a maker of static electricity elimination instruments for the aerospace and process industries, focusing on sales, manufacturing, engineering and product development. He started at the Centre de Géostatistique et de Morphologie Mathématique [ENSMP, Fontainebleau France], where he used Applied Probability techniques to plan mining projects and to characterize materials and fluid flows. He was then a Visiting Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and in Geostatistics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


He subsequently worked in several engineering roles including Vice President – Technology for two start-ups in Houston TX, developing and applying new technologies for oilfield exploration & production, and performing technical & economic evaluations of oil-producing properties.


Dr. Piret is a Docteur ès Sciences Physiques [Mines ParisTech/Paris VI]. He received an AB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University, and Masters’ degrees in Chemical Engineering and in the Management of Technology from MIT.


He is a Director of Hyannis Port Research, Inc. [a manufacturer of high performance real-time Risk Management and Market Gateway solutions for U.S. Equities and other markets], and a mentor for MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service. He previously served on the Advisory Committee for Shareholder Responsibility for Harvard University’s Endowment fund, as a Director of Nascent Technology Corporation [a UAV avionics company], and as a member of the President’s Council of the Olin College of Engineering.


John grew up in Paris France, while his father was Science Attaché at the US Embassy; he attended French primary and secondary schools and speaks French like a native.