Leandro De Sa Biography


Beyond LDS, where I’ve been advising corporations on business development, deep change and financial and operational efficiency, I hold various positions in partner firms, groups and institutions.

I am the chairman of GrowthPhases, LLC, est. in Ohio and based in NYC.

We have been developing cross-border growth opportunities in Russia, China, Eastern Europe and Africa for the last 8 years, namely deploying investment opportunities in Aerospace, Healthcare, Energy and infrastructure-related subjects.

More recently I’ve joined the group of Senior Advisors for XMS Capital Partners, a Chicago-based investment bank and have been working with other investment bank groups, always focusing on the human and long-term business sense.

I have a 25-year management experience with large firms, namely in Aerospace and Aviation, with Airbus, ATR and Aerospatiale Space. I’ve led or contributed to various business transformations.

I’ve collaborated with the governments of Romania, Cape-Verde, Mozambique and Japan on infrastructure and territorial development, in support of social development.

I have lectured for the past 17 years in business development and organizations, purchasing and supply-chain management, Customer services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Large Program Management and Business Development at Toulouse Business School, Toulouse School of Management, Kedge Management School (Marseilles), HEC Montreal, the Universities of Osaka and Wakayama in Japon, Skolkovo School of Management in Russia and the University of Maryland in the USA. I have also conferenced in China, UAE, Russia, India, USA and Europe.

Leandro holds a high-honors PhD in Physics from Grenoble University, and an honors MBA from the University of Chicago-Booth School of Business. He also attended degree and non-degree courses at Harvard Law School, and at the Universities of Stanford and Cambridge.