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The Bridge: News from EACC Paris and beyond | November 2021

November 2021  //
Upcoming Events • A selection of events and working groups
October Highlights • EACC Lyon Supply Chain panel & exchange with
Patrick Artus
Two Views • On how the climate crisis is redefining ‘business as usual’  
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 Two Views: New Playing Field

The global imperative to reduce greenhouse gases is forcing governments and private enterprise to redefine “business as usual.” Our two experts discuss the world’s changing economic model  […]

FAQs regarding OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard for Workplace Vaccination Policies

On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, issued an emergency temporary standard (ETS) that memorializes and formalizes President Biden’s prior directive that all U.S. employers with 100 or more employees must require their workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. The below FAQs address some of the more salient questions surrounding the ETS. That being said, there are undeniably more questions than answers at present with respect to the ETS. Therefore, before taking any material workplace action with respect to the ETS, please consult with a Reed Smith employment lawyer.[…]

The Bridge: News from EACC Paris and beyond

October 2021  // Upcoming Events • Webinars and events from French chapters What you may have missed • Press Club with Benjamin Haddad & HR Talks   Two Views • Celebrating Differences The Pond • Newsworthy from both sides […]

Two views: cross cultural communications

Two communications professionals, one in France and one in the United States, compare notes about cross-cultural challenges and perspectives in their domain. What do you see as the most common communications pitfalls for European companies dealing with the American market? Anne-Isabelle Fleming It can happen that European companies are tempted to tailor their image and […]

EACC Transatlantic Newsletter:
Fall edition

Highlights, insights, events from and to EACC’s unique network of over 750 corporate members across Europe and the United States […]

Launch in November: Transatlantic Tech Working group

Where members take in insight & share experiences related to expanding into the US, starting with tax and legal issues related to the formation and growth of a business in the US. According to group needs, discussions will also cover: growth strategies, international trade, intellectual property, immigration, investor communications, fundraising, managing French investors, managing US investors, […]

COVID-19 Travel Information

Regularly-updated information on various measures in place, including on quarantine and testing requirements for travelers: To the US: COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Exceptions ( Between France & the US: COVID-19 Information | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in France In Europe: Re-open EU ( Around the world: COVID-19 Country Specific Information ( […]

EACC Transatlantic Newsletter 

Highlights, insights, events from and to EACC’s unique network of over 800 corporate members across Europe and the United States. EACC Transatlantic newsletter – Summer news! […]

Ogletree Deakins | A Review of U.S Immigration Policies Implemented by Presidents Trump and Biden Before, During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Written on March 30, 2021 | With the new President, we expect a less restrictive approach toward immigration, however, the COVID-19 virus has significantly impacted global travel and immigration since March 2020.  As such, the current and past Administrations have implemented travel and immigration restrictions in the name of safety.  These measures have ranged from simple […]

The EACC welcomes Texas to its Growing Network 

The European American Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce the addition of Texas to our network. The EACC Texas Chapter was transitioned from the 41 yr. old French-American Chamber of Commerce DFW, whose Board agreed unanimously that including Europe as a whole is the Future especially when it comes to building fruitful Transatlantic Business connections. […]

EACC Transatlantic Newsletter – Spring News! 

Highlights, insights, events from and to EACC’s unique network of over 800 corporate members across Europe and the United States. […]

After all, wine warms the heart! Opening a path of negotiation toward more tariff-free transatlantic trade

Opening a path of negotiation toward more tariff-free transatlantic trade.  In the famous transatlantic dispute dating back to 2004 linked to the fierce competition between AirBus and Boeing, the State-parties concerned (notably France, the European Union and the United States) accused each other of illegally providing subsidies to these two airline manufacturers. After bringing the […] 

Comité IP & Innovation : Retour sur l’échange avec Thaima Samman sur le thème “Data / Souveraineté” 

« En tant que puissance politique, l’Europe doit pouvoir fournir des solutions en termes de cloud, sinon, vos données seront stockées dans un espace qui ne relève pas de son droit – ce qui est la situation actuelle. Donc, quand on parle de sujets aussi concrets que cela, on parle en fait de politique et […]

Talk Highlights: H.E Stavros Lambrinidis and John Rufus Gifford on transatlantic relations under the Biden-Harris Presidency 

A look back at key moments of the exchange between H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis, EU Ambassador to the United States and John Rufus Gifford, Former Deputy Campaign Manager, BIDEN2020, Former United States Ambassador to Denmark, about the outlook for transatlantic relations under the Biden-Harris Presidency […]