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Member Webinar: “Une relation de confiance avec la DGFiP : pourquoi faut-il y croire?”

“Une relation de confiance avec la DGFiP : faut-il y croire ?” Dans un contexte de plus forte pénalisation du […]

Comité IP & Innovation: retour sur l’échange avec Thaima Samman sur le thème “Data / Souveraineté”

« En tant que puissance politique, l’Europe doit pouvoir fournir des solutions en termes de cloud, sinon, vos données seront […]

Talk highlights: H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis and John Rufus Gifford on transatlantic relations under the Biden-Harris Presidency

A look back at key moments of the exchange between H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis, EU Ambassador to the United States and […]

Network News: The Transatlantic Newsletter

Highlights, insights, events from and to EACC’s unique network of over 800 corporate members across Europe and the US: January […]

Welcome new member: CILcare, making hearing a priority

EACC Paris welcomes CILcare as a member. CILcare is based in France, the USA and Denmark and proposes to its […]

Executive Board member Philip R. Lane blog post : The Monetary Policy Package: An Analytical Framework https://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/blog/date/2020/html/ecb.blog200313~9e783ea567.en.html

« Data / Souveraineté : Regards croisés Etats-Unis / Europe » Jeudi 4 février 09H00-10H00 ... https://www.eaccfrance.com/events/reunion-du-comite-ip-eacc-sur-le-theme-data-souverainete-regards-croises-etats-unis-europe/?lang=fr #datasovereignty #cloudact #digitalservicesact #proprieteintellectuelle

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/eacc-france_eacc-webinar-brexit-21-january-1000-11-activity-6755160791395168257-UlQK #Brexit #fiscalité #douanes #Customs #brexitreality

Foreigners Living or Investing in France, and French expatriates: What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them? Join us: ... https://www.eaccfrance.com/events/private-clients-living-or-investing-in-france-and-french-living-abroad-what-are-the-pitfalls-and-how-to-avoid-them/
#taxplanning #financialplanning #expattax #crossborder

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