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2023 Wishes

Dear EACC Members, Transatlantic trade and relations are at the heart of American and European economies’ success and resilience. Yet as much as the American market is crucial for European companies, American players, private and public, are fierce competitors, as discussions a few weeks ago during President Macron’s first state visit to the Biden Administration […]


January 2023

January 2023  // In this Newsletter Upcoming Events • Pierre Vimont, Ambassadeur de France • Amy Schedlbauer, Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs, US Embassy • Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, chief economist, French Treasury Network Events • Select webinars and events from across the network Highlights •  A look back at 2022 events Two Views • How our experts crossed perspectives this year The Pond • Press […]


October/November 2022

October/November 2022  // In this Newsletter Upcoming Events • Les Etapes pour une Implantation Pérenne aux USA • Data Protection by Design : Integrating Security & Privacy Two Views • Women on Supervisory Boards What you may have missed •  Meet up with Israel’s Ambassador to France • Exchange on EU competition law & transatlantic business with Olivier Guersent • Sénat briefing […]

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Two Views – Women on Supervisory Boards

Thaima Samman Partner at SAMMAN, President at European Network for Women In Leadership, Board Member Focus Home Interactive     Liesbeth Mol Chief Quality Officer and member of the Executive Board, Deloitte Netherlands   Women on Supervisory Boards: Why is this issue important? Who is affected? Liesbeth In the Netherlands, supervisory boards have traditionally shown […]

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Two Views – European Tax Changes for American Corporations: How are CFOs Adapting?

Bruno Dirringer CFO, Primary Flights Systems & GAS France, Collins Aerospace – Raytheon Technologies Thomas Perrin Partner | Country Tax Leader | DCE International Tax Leader, Deloitte Société d’Avocats Bruno Dirringer Thomas, as Tax Partner at Deloitte, advising a broad base of customers, you are observing what US based Corporations experience during European tax changes, […]

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Checking in with EACC Texas

Over a year ago, EACC Texas joined as the newest chapter of our transatlantic network.  Katherine Prewitt, Executive Director of the founding European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) Chapter in Paris, spoke with Erin McKelvey, Executive Director of EACC Texas about this transition. Katherine Prewitt Executive Director, EACC Paris Erin McKelvey Executive Director, EACC Texas […]

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Two Views: Navigating Cross-Border Successions

English / Anglais French / Français Advances in technology, social media and the mobile economy have decomplexified international mobility, and dramatically increased the number of professionals taking up residence in another country.  Our two experts, one a notary public in Paris, and the other a private client services lawyer in New York, share their views […]

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