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Two Views: Mediation

English / Anglais French / Français EACC members think and act cross border. In this spirit, Two Views confronts perspectives of professionals from two different geographies, functions or sectors on a subject relevant to transatlantic business.  With work environments stressed with digital transformation, and on its heels the COVID crisis, companies are increasingly turning to […]

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Voeux 2022 / 2022 Wishes

Voeux 2022 / 2022 Wishes Chers Membres, Cela fait quasiment deux ans que nous vivons et travaillons tous au rythme d’une crise sanitaire sans précédent. Comme d’autres, comme vous tous, l’EACC a du s’adapter dans l’urgence, tout en poursuivant la nécessaire transformation de son offre et de sa relation avec ses membres. Nous avons tous […]

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2022 Wishes / Voeux 2022

2022 Wishes / Voeux 2022 Dear Members, For almost two years, we have all lived and worked at the rate of an unprecedented health crisis. Like others, like all of you, the EACC had to adapt urgently, while continuing the necessary transformation of its offer and its relationship with its members. We have made enormous […]

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